All Work Matters!

Work matters in more ways than one, hence the name, All Work Matters! Here, Diane explores all-things-work, from the legal to relational to technical aspects. 


Diane taps her experiece as a senior human resource executive, speaker, researcher, coach/trainer/teacher, as well as her mental health counseling experience, to help readers learn about what's going on in the world of work today.


The goal?




Help people work and play well with others so they don't later wind up in court (or the unemployment line).


Follow the latest in human resource, labor law, recruitment, unemployment, credit in the workplace, and other trends here.

Crabby Copy Editor

The Crabby Copyeditor is Diane Faulkner's alter ego. CCE pipes up and starts to Tweet and blog whenever she is irriated with people on television, in movies, on the radio, or in print who simply cannot seem to speak the language of the land.


Made up words, like "irregardless," and utterly incorrectly used words, like "impact," (don't get me started), force Diane to don her CCE persona, reach for her laptop, and take on the yoke of editor-to-the-world.


Follow CCE here. She's funny, but she's informative.

My Life with Dad

My Life with Dad is a chronicle of Diane's dad's strange journey into life on his own. He grew up beautiful, but dim, in a small Michigan farming community. He worked hard, played even harder, and left a string of women in his wake. Now in his seventh decade, the man must come to terms with the many questionable choices he made that have both alienated and endeared him to family and friends. Will he heed the lessons of experiences past to stay sane, keep out of jail, keep his home, and live to see eighty?


The day his mother died, Diane promised to keep her son safe from unscrupulous family members, worse "friends," and even from himself.  After thirty years of faithfulness, can Diane remain loyal to a man she has no memory of living with and who all but ignored her and her brother throughout their lives? 


Follow the story here.

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